Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miscellaneous stuff

am gonna write about stuff that are too small to fit in separate posts.

1- The FriendFeed gadget -which u can see on the top of the side bar - is a great tool to interact with social media services websites.

The blog you're reading now :D
my FaceBook profile.
my Google Reader shared items. (check part 2 of this post)
Google Talk account.
my profile. You can find here what am listening to,my artists sorted on play counts,favorites songs too. You may have a look on it.
Picasa web albums. There is only one album for my favorites pics.
my Twitter page.
my Youtube channel. You won't find many videos for me, but you can check my favorites and playlists.

2- Google Reader shared items: As i won't post regularly many posts :D , it will be nice to follow my shared items on Google Reader. I consider myself a good Google Reader user , i have many feeds i follow in technical and non-technical stuff. I consider it as an extension to this blog.
The posts varies from technical news , tutorials , Linux tutorials and news, anything...

Go there and check the posts , I recommend you to read the posts by Gustavo Duarte ( specially my colleagues :D) , it almost covers the Microprocessors course we had with many specific details.

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