Thursday, October 29, 2009

Temet Nosce

To find your favorite movie on TV and watch it may be a coincidence. But, to find again after 16 days on TV , this time that's no coincidence. Each of the two incidents happened before 19 and 3 days of my birthday (both 19 and 3 are prime numbers). And to find it for the third time just 1 day next to my birthday is definitely a serious sign for something.

Anyway i don't believe in coincidences."God does not play with dice." Albert Einstein.
However, such times makes you wander about yourself. The more you understand yourself , the more you understand the whole world.

Watching this movie awakened some old thoughts in my mind. One of these thoughts is about Choice. Do we really have the freedom to choose what we want, or is it just an illusion we sense as we live according to determined events.

"You've already made the choice. Now you have to understand it.". I guess small things we do and decide everyday even if they're unimportant or negligible, are the most role play that frames the vital decisions and choices in our life.

I believe the solution to this dilemma is to follow your intuition. Don't plan much. Leave it happen flawlessly. Rely on remarkable signs in your life that will guide you to your choice. That one you've already made.

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